We strongly believe that
innovative design can change
the world for the better.

Who We Are

Since its inception in 2009, our team has strived to provide a full range of design services. Through the years, a strong commitment to design excellence and technical endurance, combined with professional business acumen, has allowed The Wave Companies to grow and mature.

At The Wave Companies, we feel that when you hire a firm based on the design ability it exhibits, you should be provided with the same team that created the designs represented. To follow this path, we have chosen the road of the smaller, more user-friendly design firm. This is generally not the case with larger firms where a client initially meets with the principals but usually is required to develop a relationship and acquire information from other people in the company who actually perform the work.

"Team Wave"

The Wave Companies has developed a close-knit team of professionals both in-office and as preferred sub-consultants. The experience of working together as a group has allowed “Team Wave” to develop extremely advanced, efficient methods of communication, project management, and design implementation. You can be assured that your designs are being created, managed, and maintained using the most advanced computer systems and software available.

With the realization that unique projects require unique management skills, Wave has implemented the most advanced project and construction management methods available. Regardless of our role, we take responsibility akin to “ownership” of every project we create.

When you hire The Wave Companies you are not getting a large impersonal, corporate design firm. You are getting a group of people who will be working with you to develop and care for the design vision from the moment you meet us at the end of the project.

Wave is a hands-on, interactive, always-involved, group of talented people. We deeply care about every project we undertake, regardless of size. We are, and always will be, an efficient and creative team that pledges to reach as far as possible for the best design solution. We view ourselves as designers leading the charge on behalf of our clients and are dedicated to the goal of bringing the vision of our clients to life.

“At The Wave Companies we strongly believe that innovative design can change the world for the better. Subtle variations in aesthetics, function, and color, can affect the psychological state of humankind, from the surface to the soul….”