“The soul of Wave Design Group is evident in the designs we create. Our ongoing mission is to achieve balanced, uncompromised perfection. Our award-winning team of professionals are constantly seeking the newest, most cutting-edge methods to create, construct, manage and maintain projects.”

Wave Design Group is a full-service, veteran-owned small business providing design and project management throughout the western United States. Our hands-on team is experienced in various types of public and private projects. We take pride in our design/build relationships as well as our ability to effectively and fairly manage design/bid/build projects. WDG provides a creative, yet logical approach to our designs.

The two most important ways that WDG stands out from other firms are our team’s design methodology and our company philosophy. Most architecture is developed using a conventional linear approach, but we feel that an architect needs to dig deeper than the generally accepted program. We do this by delving into the “psyche” of the location and its surroundings to create a design that will endure and enhance the lives of both the occupants and the visitors. To accomplish this, we combine the generally accepted methods of design with a process we call “Fusionism.”

“Fusionism is a form of creation that is not bound by standard convention. The thought process maintains a circular motion that takes the designer on a journey. The beginning can be anywhere in the circle and is defined only by inspiration and intuition. Feelings, dreams, emotions, history, music, art, nature, and, most importantly, humanity, all become stops along the journey toward creation…”

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